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Our Seattle therapists are solution-focused, offering individual therapy , couple therapy & marriage counseling.

At our Seattle therapy office, licensed therapists help people find healthy ways to target and resolve life issues. Whether through individual counseling, marriage counseling or couples therapy, our Seattle therapists can help you figure out how to move forward and make better choices in your life. Many individuals struggle with depression, anxiety, painful relationships or just find themselves in uncomfortable situations that keep happening over and over. We help individuals understand their choices and uncover strategies that will effectively change their life for the better. Individual therapy can often be someone’s first experience feeling safe enough to really uncover the root issues and develop the skills to make healthy changes. Couples often find couples counseling to be the last house on the block. After failed attempts to get your needs met in a relationship, going to therapy can be an effective way to find connection and happiness in your relationship. An experienced therapist can help couples develop a better understanding for each other. When clients finally understand each other they will often begin to treat each other respectfully and more lovingly. We offer the communication tools and skills that help couples create relationship strategies that work. We offer a solution focused approach, and all of our therapists are committed to furthering their expertise through ongoing education.
Ewa Lichnowska, LMHC (Downtown location) Ewa has worked with couples, families and individual for 12 years. In her approach, Ewa offers direct tools to improve couples and individuals skills in identifying and communicating their needs and feelings in ways that are effective. Using these skills, clients can transform interpersonal interactions by increasing their ability to be empathetic toward themselves and others, gain insight to their motives and automatic patterns of interacting and act in ways that can satisfy the needs of both partners. Ewa is warm and caring but also straightforward in her manner of working with her clients. She believes that through by understanding and taking responsibility for our limitations, we can open the door to overcoming them with the benefits of feeling more connected to ourselves and others. Some of the issues Ewa has particular interest and experience in working with include: sexual satisfaction and communication, impact of parenthood on family dynamics, parenting, working with same sex and non monogamous couples, impact of culture and religion on individuals and families and many more. Francesca Licciardi, LMHC (South Lake location) As a Seattle native Francesca has been practicing in metropolitan area over the past five years working with individuals, couples, and families. Francesca believes in the expansive healing process which can be found in partnerships. We all know that every couple is different; Francesca works to develop a therapeutic direction custom fit to each situation and couple. Utilizing a directive and exploratory approach, couples increase skills with each other, allowing safety, connection, support, and depth in consciousness to take place. For individuals Francesca combines a variety of therapy modalities to formulate the most successful strategies in assisting each person’s discovery of a more fulfilling and happy life. Continuous education is a must; Francesca dedicates a portion of each year to increasing her clinical skills by attending workshops and classes in order to discover new therapies for the purpose of equipping her clients with the tools necessary to achieve life satisfaction. With a BA in Health Psychology and Research from Bastyr, Francesca continued her education at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), graduating with a MA in Integral Counseling and a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy. She provides individual therapy, couples therapy, couples counseling and marriage counseling. Francesca’s integrated approach is influenced by her education, but grounded in eclectic and innovative practices of today’s modern psychotherapy. All in all, it is a belief that individuals have in their own grasp the power to move themselves toward greater and deeper happiness and satisfaction, and that is what drives Francesca every day. The goal is for individuals to know they can be their own healers in this life. Often enough the hardest part is taking the first step, by asking for help.

Video Transcript

We specialize in relationships. I’m doing this to hopefully answer some questions you may have and help you figure out what the next step is for your relationship.

Relationships, as many of us know, are vital to our lives. Much of our greatest joy comes from relationships. When that breaks down, it can be very painful for many of us. We’re here to help you along the spectrum of where you might be in your relationship.We have a very coaching style therapy approach that is very solution-focused. It helps people, no matter where they are, build on the resources they have and learn new strategies to deal with their relationship.When couples come in, we create an environment where there’s no judgment and no blame to help you have a better understanding of what’s going on between you two. With that clarity, you can make new decisions – healthy decisions – in your relationship and treat each other better.

A lot of people come in who are dating and want to make new decisions in who you choose as a partner, to be more discerning and hopefully find happy relationships. Sometimes people come in as individuals. When you’re currently in a relationship, perhaps you have some questions about your behavior and how things are going. Maybe you realize there are some patterns that happened in past relationships that are currently starting to occur and you want to work on that to improve the relationship by yourself. We specialize in marriage counseling and couple’s counseling. You can come in any time and have us help you out as a team.

Having an independent third-party licensed therapist can be very helpful. When you come in, we have certain principles that we stand by that I think you will find refreshing. One of them is we’re very direct. We give feedback. We’re very interactive. Every week when you come in, we’re talking about the relationship and giving you information about what we see or improvements that can be made. We also have a lot of communication skills and a lot of tools. We give these to you so you can practice them at home, which is where it matters most.

Being goal-directed, you will find out what the relationship goals are with your therapist. That’s a great way to track how you’re doing throughout therapy. It’s also a great way for you to know when it’s time to end. The whole point of therapy is to improve your relationship and not be in therapy anymore. A lot of people do find that we’re a very short-term therapist in the sense that we’re here to help you with your relationship, and when we’ve done our job, it’s time to leave. You can come back anytime you like of course for additional support.

All the therapists I’ve hired not only are licensed, trained, and experts in their field, but they’ve been around long enough to have life experience. It’s important. Someone can be really good at their job and very skilled, but if they don’t have enough personal life experience to back it up, it’s not going to make them the best couple’s counselor. In addition, our therapists are sought out nationwide from TV to radio as experts in relationships, which is a lot to say about the quality of therapists we have.

The first step usually is you calling me and I’ll answer whatever questions you may have. Our location in Seattle is near Pioneer Square, which is centrally located. Usually I want to talk to you about a couple of things on the phone, but when you feel good about it, I’ll have the therapist call you in 24 hours and you can talk to that person and tell a little bit about why you’re coming in. You can get to know the therapist on the phone, which is a great way to start the process of learning if it’s a good fit for you. You’re also going to learn all the availability we have for you. Usually we can see people within 24-48 hours.
Something I want you to consider is if you have any out-of-network coverage, we are licensed therapists. If you check that out with your insurance company, we can give you an invoice and you may be able to get reimbursed. If you have any flex spending through work, that’s another great way to hopefully augment some of the cost of your therapy.

I have a lot of videos and articles on this website. If you check those out, it’s a great way to see what kind of therapists we are and what kind of suggestions that we offer people when we’re working with them. You may even get some help in your relationship that you can work on right now. It’s free information for you.

If you want some assistance from a therapist – a third-party – and you want some help with your relationship, feel free to call me anytime. I hope this helps. Thanks!

Individual Therapy Introduction
It is important to note that everyone runs into challenges, from time-to-time. It is normal to need extra support when you feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and/or confused. Our Seattle therapists have years of experience helping clients address issues and develop “workable” solutions. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process, whereby you share your thoughts and feelings and we listen, explore, ask questions and offer valuable feedback in a safe and trusting environment. The therapeutic process can be a profound learning experience for clients, who need a little extra help resolving their issues. We teach empowerment and self-awareness through a solution-focused therapy approach. Our Seattle therapy offices have licensed professionals, who have not only helped numerous people acquire clarity in their lives, but also helped them create a road-map that leads them to health, happiness, peace and success.

Video Transcription
I’m here to give you some information that I think is going to be very helpful in helping you make a decision if we are the right Seattle therapist for you and if indeed we can help you.

First off, I want to let you know that everyone from time to time needs help in their life. We all get stuck, we all sometimes don’t have the answers to what we need to do, and reaching out to a licensed professional can be one of the most helpful decisions that you can make. Sometimes we have friends and family and we share a lot with them, and if you’re lucky enough to have those kinds of people in your life, that is super great. But what makes this relationship really unique is you can tell us intimate details, very in-depth about who you are, and you don’t have to worry about our feelings. This is a one-way relationship; we’re here to help you, and that makes it a very safe place to share about your life, where it may not be that way with some family or some friends.

Now, first off, when you come in to individual therapy, we’re going to get to know who you are. You’re going to share your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings about your life and about the issue at hand. We’re going to do a lot of listening, but we’re also going to be very interactive and we’re going to ask you questions to help us deepen our understanding of who you are. Through that process, that dialogue, and that interactivity, you’re going to get to know yourself better. Your self-awareness of what’s going on, how you got here is very important. It will give you a lot of compassion for yourself that you may not have. With that extra understanding, as a team, we can figure out how to move forward in your life in unique and powerful ways.

This is a collaborative approach and we are solution-focused therapists, so we are eventually going to develop a plan, a roadmap with your help to map out how you can make changes in your life, and then we’re going to support you along the way as you make those changes, and adjust them when they need adjusting. It’s like having a life coach, you get to have that extra support from somebody who knows you really well and keeps you on target.

Also, sometimes people want to help pay for therapy, and they use things like out-of-network coverage. You can verify with your insurance company if you have out-of-network coverage or if you have anything like health benefits through your company that might even pay for therapy.

Also, if you’d like to check out the videos and the articles that we have on our website, it’s a great way to get to know who we are. As a second step and probably the most important, I recommend that you reach out and give us a call. We may even be able to direct you to one of our therapists on the phone right now, and you can get to know who they are on the phone. You can tell them a little bit about what’s going on in your life and get a sense of their personality and their style. If you get a good feeling about them, then I recommend you make an appointment, and only if you get a good feeling. We specialize in a solution-focused approach to individual counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling and marriage counseling.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks.

Sit By the Seaside in Seattle

What’s so fantastic about Seattle, Washington? Well, maybe it’s that it offers a variety of romantic-fun-exciting-chill activities for couples, ranging from “mini” cruises to trapeze classes. Trapeze classes? Yep, trapeze classes. Cool huh? So, regardless of whether you prefer a relaxing date on a boat, or swinging from the ceiling on a trapeze, this glorious city has a “couple activity” that is sure to fit your idea of a “good time.” And, on top of everything else – Seattle is really close to the water, so you and your sweetheart can bask in the sunlight; relax on the beach, and splash around in the sea. Aren’t you lucky to call such a cool place home? Yep, so enjoy it!

Listed below are some cool things you can do to invigorate your relationship:

Argosy Cruises & Seattle Ferry Services
Your world is busy – busy with work, busy with children, busy with life, am I right? When was the last time you and your significant other took time out just to relax and focus on one another? A long time? That is what I assumed. Well, it is probably a good idea to make some time for each other. How? Well, imagine spending a day with your partner on a cruise ship, smelling the seawater, watching the waves ripple, marveling at Seattle’s most beautiful sights, and feeling the Zen of life at sea.

Doesn’t that sound marvelous? Well, regardless of your budget, you can sail through Seattle on a date to remember. In fact, Argosy Cruises offers inexpensive cruises through Seattle’s historic harbor where you can witness the stunning views of the city’s skyline, Mt. Rainer, and the Space Needle. The best thing about this cruise line is that it offers both day and night cruises, so it can fit any schedule. Or, if you want something a little more romantic, purchase tickets from Seattle Ferry Services and spend a romantic evening on the sea in one of their historic ferry boats. The best thing about this activity is that it comes with a full waitstaff and an experienced captain. Spend the evening talking and enjoying all that Seattle has to offer. And, yes, you have been missing out, my friend.

Space Needle
You have probably lived in Seattle all your life, but have never visited the Space Needle. And, if you have already been to it, well, it’s probably been a long time. Well, if that is true, it is probably time for another visit – with fresh eyes. One of the best things about being a “couple” is that you get to look at things from a different perspective. You also get to discover new things and create new memories together. Truth-be-told, your partner is your best friend, even if it does not feel that way right now. If he or she wasn’t your number #1 friend, you wouldn’t be together right now, so get out there and start exploring – together. So ride over to the Space Needle and take a ride to the top, where you can look out from the observation deck.

Once at the top, gaze down at the sparkling city lights and exciting downtown activities. And, do you want to know something else that is really cool? Well, at approximately 500 feet high (the peak), you are able to see a 360 panoramic view of Seattle aka the Emerald City (called that because of its abundance of lush greenery). You are also able to gawk at the numerous Douglas Firs that cover the mountain ranges, the active waterfront of Elliot Bay, and the sparkling lights of downtown Seattle. So, grab your honey and partake in the magic that is found in Seattle.

Salumi Restaurant
They say the best way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach, and in a way “they” are right. But, just to expand, the best way to ease pain and sadness is through a full stomach. When people are hungry, life seems harsher and problems seem bigger than they may actually be. Why? Well, because your mind can’t focus, if it isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to function at an optimal level, and because of that you are more prone to become irritable, angry, frustrated, and unforgiving. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? So, if you want to decrease the tension in your relationship and open the channels of communication up, go get something to eat. Why not?

Seattle is known as a “foodie” town, so partake in this activity like a true Seattleite. And, how lucky are you – Seattle has proven that it has some of the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest foods in the country. Wow! And guess what? Salumi Restaurant is an awesome way to enjoy this benefit. Why? Well, with its 5-course meals, served family-style, it is a good way to share – your food, your time, and your beliefs, opinions, and thoughts – you get the drift. So hunker down at Salumi’s irreplaceable storefront, you can get a variety of tasty foods, ranging from sliced salami and cured meats to sandwiches, soups, veggies, and pastas.

The Emerald City Trapeze Arts
Exercise is a good way to work off tension and stress, regardless of whether it is personal stress, work stress, or relationship stress. So, if you and your significant other are going through a “rough patch” and have almost stopped communicating, unless it is arguing, then, maybe you should try spending time at The Emerald City Trapeze Arts. This center offers exercise classes that are not only highly popular, but also highly fun.

So, try something different-new-exciting with your sweetheart and fly through the air on a trapeze. Never been on a trapeze before? That is A-Okay because The Emerald City Trapeze Arts offers classes to help newbies. And, truthfully, these classes add a bit of adventure to any date. So, once you have finished bounding through the air on your trapeze, try a pole dancing class. Yes, even you males. Why not? It’s fun and very different. Plus, it is one of the most popular ways to exercise. So get your sexy on and show each other what you are both made of!

Teatro Zinzanni & The Pink Door
Maybe, you and your partner have lost that “loving feeling,” well if so, it is ok; you can get it back with a little romance and some magic. What better place to spark the flames of love than Teatro Zinzanni? Why is that? Well, because this quirky place has been a staple of Seattle for years. And, it offers really cool dinner shows. Teatro Zinzanni combines the romance of a dinner theater with the exhilaration of a circus – all under one roof. What exactly is this place? Well, it is a tent. No, seriously it is, and it is one event that consists of two parts – circus and cabaret. But, what is so cool about this place is that is always magical. So, get dolled up and head out to this three-hour adventure, complete with a lip-smacking multi-course feast, ranging from filet mignon to lobster and fish.
Don’t forget to partake in the theater’s elegant adult beverages, ranging from Albert Bichot Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Reserve to Notre Dame de Cousignac Blanc. And, if you are looking for something a little more risqué to boost the intimacy in your relationship, head on over to The Pink Door restaurant. Why? Well, because this intimate venue offers a variety of burlesque, magic, opera, and cabaret shows. It also offers a sophisticated Italian menu, ranging from slow roasted beef “long rib” to Pappardelle al Ragu Bolognese. So, add adventure and intrigue to your relationship by spending it venturing outside of your comfort zone.

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Individual Therapy – $155 per session
Couples Counseling – $185 per session

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Trying to find good couples counseling can be a daunting task.  Our relationship is important to us so we don’t just want your average run of the mill therapist.  I stumbled onto the Relationship Counseling Center website and found a large selection of videos about relationships issues, many where spot on for our relationship.  I

Gary P. April 5, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, my hubby and I don’t have a perfect marriage, but who does, right? There were/are several issues we needed/need assistance with; one of which was/is a nagging problem for quite some time. We’ve had several sessions with him and every time our sessions ended I felt some breakthrough had occurred, no

Karen B. March 11, 2015

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