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Our San Francisco therapists are solution-focused, offering individual therapy, couple therapy & marriage counseling.


The Relationship Counseling Center in San Francisco provides couples therapy and individual counseling, with the goal of guiding clients toward healthier, more productive life strategies. Our San Francisco therapists are licensed marriage and family therapists with experience helping people work through their issues. Additionally, all of our therapists receive ongoing training in solution-focused approaches to assist clients in achieving goals. If you are looking for a down-to-earth therapist who integrates interactive exchange, direct feedback, and goal-focused therapy, you’ve come to the right place. Both couples and individuals find it helpful to develop a better understanding and learn more effective ways of handling relationship issues. Our therapists teach communication skills to individual clients as well as to couples, whether married or unmarried, slowing things down to help both parties achieve a deeper understanding. The goal, always, is to make your relationship a more joyful, more healthy place to be. Our San Francisco therapy services are offered in offices throughout the Bay Area, in San Francisco, East Bay, Marin, and the Peninsula. We offer both daytime and evening appointments, Monday through Friday. Call us with any questions or concerns or to schedule a session. Our relationship experts are more than happy to talk with you, and we can usually make an appointment with relatively short notice.

Sara Bingaman, MFT (Laurel Heights) saraSara loves helping couples find their unique paths and rhythms by facilitating the hearing, understanding, and knowing of each other. Whether helping a couple move through general “stuckness” and relationship dissatisfaction, infidelity, money issues, struggles around sex, challenges brought on by the addition of a new baby or differences in parenting styles, or facilitating difficult conversations, she aims to help each partner express his or her experiences and be heard and understood by the other. Sara will also teach you simple tools to use outside of session. She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychotherapy from JFK University. Sara is the cofounder of the San Francisco Divorce Group and specializes in couples counseling and individual therapy. When she is not working, Sara may be found in her garden, hiking, playing and being silly with her son, or being inspired by great poetry.

It is important to note that everyone runs into challenges, from time-to-time. It is normal to need extra support when you feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and/or confused. Our San Francisco therapists have years of experience helping clients address issues and develop “workable” solutions. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process, whereby you share your thoughts and feelings and we listen, explore, ask questions and offer valuable feedback in a safe and trusting environment. The therapeutic process can be a profound learning experience for clients, who need a little extra help resolving their issues. We teach empowerment and self-awareness through a solution-focused therapy approach. Our San Francisco therapy offices have licensed professionals, who have not only helped numerous people acquire clarity in their lives, but also helped them create a road-map that leads them to health, happiness, peace and success.


(Video Transcript)
I’m here to give you some information that’s going to be helpful in making a decision. You want to find out if we’re the right therapists for you, and perhaps, if this is your first time doing therapy, you might want to know how this whole thing works. It can be a very, I think, uncomfortable and scary process to reach out to somebody you don’t know and ask for help, and we want to make that as comfortable as possible. We’ve been doing this for many years and we’re very experienced at helping people move forward in their lives in healthy and unique ways.

We are solution-focused therapists who provide couples counseling, marriage counseling and individual therapy. And first off, we’re going to get to know who you are, so we’re going to ask a lot of questions. We want to know your thoughts, your feelings, and your opinions about what’s going on in your life. And as we have that interactive exchange, it’s very helpful for us to get to know you, it’s going to help us develop a roadmap that we can assist you with the right kind of skills and tools. But also, through that dialogue, I often find that clients have epiphanies, deeper levels of understanding about what’s happening in their life, and they walk out of therapy sessions knowing new things about themselves that can give you a lot of hope and deeper understanding and compassion for yourself.

Yet, at some point, we’re going to help you with figuring out how to move forward in your life in a really healthy way. And then we’re going to support you with the kind of roadmap that we develop, and support you along the way as you take each and every step. Much like a mentor or a coach, we’re here to guide you along the way and give you support so that you can move through issues that have been very difficult for you in your life. Our goal in therapy is to help you achieve and move through those issues so that you don’t need to be in therapy anymore.

First of all, you might want to check out our videos and articles on our website. It can be very helpful. You can understand the kinds of therapists we are and some of the advice that we give. And also, you can reach out and give us a call. We can direct you to the best therapist for you in your local area, and you can talk to them on the phone; tell them a little bit about what’s going on in your life. See if you feel comfortable with that person on the phone, and if you do, you can make an appointment. The phone call is no commitment at all.

And what’s really unique about going to therapy is unlike friends and family, which can be very helpful to talk to, this is a place where it gets to be only about you and it’s a very uncommon thing in our lives, I believe, is to have that much focus on ourselves and really… In such a really safe and comfortable way.

If you are looking for how to pay for therapy, we are out-of-pocket, but we often help clients who have anything like out-of-network coverage through their insurance or any sort of health benefit you might have through work, which you can verify all these things. And if you do, we can give you an invoice that might assist you in getting some money back.

If you want some help, please reach out. We would love to help you. Thank you.

(Couples Counseling Video Transcript)
I’m also the founder of the Relationship Counseling Center in San Francisco. In addition, we have offices throughout the Bay area. We specialize in relationships. The reason why is because I feel that relationships are one of the most profound things that will ever happen in our lives. It brings us so much joy and happiness when it’s going well. As many of you know, when things break down, it can be devastating. It can sometimes be the most difficult time in our lives.

We help couples by creating an environment where you can come in in a non-judgmental, non-blaming space and slow things down. With greater understanding of what’s really going on between you, you can understand why things have been the way they are, but more importantly, how to move forward and treat each other differently. We also provide tools to help you in that.

Not only do we have licensed marriage family therapists who are specialists in relationships, but I don’t hire counselors who don’t have enough life experience to back that up. Every counselor at our center has very similar principles. We are interactive and very direct in the way we give feedback, which is great. We’re not just listening to you each and every session, which we do, but we’re giving you direct feedback and we’re active participants in helping you in your relationship.

We have a lot of communication skills. We not only teach these in session, but we really want you to start doing these at home, because ultimately you want your relationship to improve. You also want to not be in therapy. Our goal is to help you in your relationship.

We’re very goal-directed. That means we’re helping you identify what your relationship goals are. Once you’ve done that, we can track how you’re doing in your couples counseling and you’ll know you’re going in the right direction.

Many people find that we’re short-term therapists. What this means is we’re very solution-focused. We have a coaching style approach to marriage counseling. We help you with what you’ve come in to work on. When those goals are achieved, it’s time to end.

Many people find that they come into counseling therapy once a week. That’s the most helpful amount of time. Oftentimes people find themselves coming to work on a relationship issue six to eight times on average. You may find you need more, which is completely fine as well.

The first step is to give me a call. Hopefully I can answer any question you may have. If everything feels good to you and you want to take the next step, I’ll have the therapist call you. You can tell them a little bit about why you’re coming in and get to know them a little bit, which is a great way to start your therapy. They’ll tell you all the times that they have available, day or evening, so you can come in as soon as possible.

People sometimes come in when they’re dating because they want to make better decisions. You want to be more discerning and find the right partner. Sometimes people come in to work on their relationship by themselves. It’s really a great space to come in, get clear and ask questions about yourself. You don’t want to make the same mistakes you’ve done in past relationships. We can help you with that. Of course we specialize in couple’s counseling and couple’s therapy. You can come in and work with your partner on your relationship.

Here are some practical things you might want to know. We are licensed therapists. If you have any out-of-network coverage, we can assist you with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company. You can verify that with your insurance and we can help you with it.

You might have some sort of flex spending or health savings account through your work. Sometimes people use those dollars to help pay for their therapy. You might have that.

If you haven’t noticed already, we have plenty of videos and articles on all kinds of relationship issues. I created these for you and they’re free. Please look into those. You might find something applicable to what’s going on in your life. I give suggestions you can apply in your life right now. It’s also a great way to get to know who we are. Oftentimes it’s the kind of suggestions we’ll help you with in your therapy. You’ll get to know what kind of counselors we are by watching some of those videos and reading some of those articles.

If you want some independent third-party help and come on in and meet one of our therapists, please give me a call. I appreciate it. Thanks!

Going to couples counseling or individual therapy is only one way to help your relationship. Making efforts outside of therapy can build and repair lost connection. The investment of time and energy to create a lovely evening or afternoon can show your partner how much they matter to you. Having fun and perhaps letting go of your struggles, even for an hour, can be a welcome relief.

San Francisco is has many cool and interesting activities. The Wave Organ is a wave-activated acoustic sculpture located on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay. You can sit on a bench, and if the tide is right, hear the ocean wave echo through chambers and delivered through stone corridors. This is a very romantic and special experience that someone would be talking about for years to come.

Laughter is a remedy for healing a relationship. BATS (Bay Area Theater Sports) is an improv theater group that delivers funny and interactive comedy throughout the week. The actors will ask the audience for suggestions and the actors will intern create funny skits on-the-fly for your viewing pleasure.

San Francisco is an art mecca. There are hidden gems of art hidden throughout the city if you know where to find it. There is a list of murals, all within walking distance in the Mission District, that you can share with your special someone. Some organizations offer guided tours which can be found at the link in our reference area bellow.

Can you imagine eating dinner in complete darkness? The restaurant, Opaque, in Lower Pacific Heights has created a dining experience you will not easily forget. Doing things out of the ordinary can help bring in new life into a relationship. Unique shared experience is the stuff that makes up a good happy life.

If you are looking for a more quiet and grounding experience I highly recommend taking a yoga class with someone you care about. San Francisco has yoga studios that offer a variety of levels for both beginners to advance people. Yoga is a great way to slow down through breath and asana (yoga poses), reconnect to yourself and together.

These are just a handful of local resources that are at your disposal. Healing a relationship takes effort and time. Investing in yourself, taking the time out of your busy life to connect or reconnect with one another is a powerful tool. It is easier to tear down a relation then it is to build it back up. Creating the circumstances for love, friendship and communication is a great start to moving forward and creating the relationship you want.

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Therapy Fee’s range – $155 – $185 per session

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