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Our Nashville therapists are solution-focused, offering individual therapy , couple therapy & marriage counseling.


Our Nashville therapy office has licensed therapists who help people find healthy ways to understand and resolve life issues. Whether through individual counseling, marriage counseling or couples therapy, our Nashville therapists can help you figure out how to move forward and make healthier choices in your life.

Individuals will find a safe environment to explore issues and develop a better understanding of their choices and current life challenges. Issues can range from depression, anxiety, relationships challenges, or any life circumstance that is painful and repeating. After developing better clarity of your life issues, your therapist can help you develop skills and strategies that can have a positive effect on your life. Finding a good therapist can really make the difference, together you can find a solution-focused approach to living a happy and fulfilling life.

Our therapists teach relationship skills to couples, whether married or unmarried, slowing things down to help both parties achieve a deeper understanding of each other. It’s important to find a balanced approach to working on a relationship; both parties need to take responsibility for the love, respect and health in their relationship. Your therapists can guide this process and help you develop a strategy that will help you find the happiness and peace you both deserve.

We are experts in solution-focused therapy, and all of our therapists are committed to furthering their expertise through ongoing education. We also offer online counseling for your convenience.

Tom-Rhodes-therapistTom Rhodes, MFT
I have been a practicing psychotherapist for the past 12 years, both here and in the San Francisco Bay Area, working with both couples and individuals, and truly enjoying this work. I am passionate about helping people deepen in their experience of connection, trust, and aliveness, both within themselves, and with each other in couples work.

In working with couples, while I definitely do focus on communication skills, I have found that what seems to be most helpful, the crux of the work, is to strengthen the attachment bond in the relationship, often impacted strongly by each person’s earlier attachments as young children. I support the two of you through this process largely by helping you say, and feel, ‘the most true thing’, which is often hiding underneath the anger and frustration which has brought so many to seek couples counseling. I can help you express yourselves, hear your partner, and be heard by your partner, from the heart. So often we hear from our minds only and the stories and beliefs they create about both who we are, and who our partner, husband or wife is. When we do this, we aren’t able to truly connect in relationship. This can create all sorts of struggles and often deep pain and longing in relationships. This disconnection can end up looking like feeling quietly bored or annoyed around each other, ready to fight at the drop of a hat, cheating on your spouse, or feeling anxious and depressed when you are in their presence. I want you to know that there is help. I love helping people find out first-hand, in a deep and lasting way, that the one they’re with, and they themselves, are worth investing in, wholeheartedly and with both feet in. What gets in the way of that happening is not your fault, and yet, only you can change it. Working together in your relationship, there is not only hope but a strong chance of lasting repair and a true reclaiming of your hearts in action. I enjoy working with all phases of relationships, from per-marital to recently married, to married long ago, with or without children. I am also very happy to work with couples in the LGBTQ community and am very much an ally.

I also love working with adult individuals. Similarly to what I’ve mentioned above with couples work, I find that whatever is ‘not working’ in the current adult lives of people who come to me for therapy, is often in part a reflection of what hasn’t been resolved from earlier experiences and relationships from childhood with primary caregivers. I can help you connect the dots in a relevant way, and in a way that engages a seeing and experiencing from the heart, in addition to the mind. Ultimately, my work with clients involves ‘closing the gap’ between the mind and heart, and helping them engage life and relationships more and more from that clear and undivided place within. Along with how I show up and relate to them in the room, over time this tends to naturally resolve the presenting problems that bring people to seeking therapy with me. Some presenting issues I specialize in and enjoy working with are being single and struggling to find relationship, going through a divorce or break up, anxiety, and spiritual crisis.

Get In-Tune with Each Other in Music City

If music is food for the soul, then Nashville, also known as Music City, is the mecca of love. In fact, Nashville is the birthplace of music, food, and romance. It is also well known for its love songs – unrequited love, love gone sour and new love that is just beginning to flourish. Are these songwriters pulling these songs out of their head? No, they are from personal experiences – real experiences of love and loss. Oh, and guess what? Well, all of these soulful songs stem from a date or two or three… So, even if you and your significant other are going through a difficult time – don’t despair.

No, start all over again – with a date or two or three. Don’t give up yet, there is still more to do, and although counseling is a wonderful option for working through issues and repairing your damaged relationship, it does not have to be the only option. You can also reconnect with your loved one through “old fashioned dating.” Rekindle the love you once felt for each other by doing something, fun, romantic, challenging, new, exciting and/or plain ole silly. Truth-be-told, you have to start somewhere, so why not try one of the awesome ideas listed below.

Listed below are amazing ideas that will help you remember just how much you love one another:

Adventure Science Center Sudekum Planetarium
Hmm…what is a cool way to reconnect with your significant other? Well, “tripping” out under the stars is a great start! What? Well, if you want to spend time with your honey, while relaxing under the stars, the Adventure Science Center Sudekum Planetarium may just be what you are looking for. In fact, the Planetarium is an excellent way to lie back and soak in the amazing laser show, complete with flashing lights and “rockin” music from all genres (think Led Zeppelin to Taylor Swift and everything in between). So, if you and your partner aren’t ready to share your innermost feelings, this fun and exciting activity may be just what you both need to “loosen up” and remember how much fun you have together.

West End
Another awesome place to reconnect with your sweetheart is West End. Why West End? Well, because there are a ton of things you can do – together to create memories, communicate, and have a little fun. And, if you are trying to recreate that spark, you need to spend time together – re-discovering why you fell in love in the first place. You also need to practice communicating – effectively. FYI – yelling and arguing is not an effective way to communicate, however, laughter can speak volumes. So, take a journey back in time – a time when you were falling in love or were newly in love, and channel your inner creativity. How? Well, why don’t you suggest going to Sonic hence the drive-in, hence old school/nostalgia. You get me? And, afterwards, if you really want to be romantic, why not drive to the virtually unknown “make-out “spot, Love Circle? And, in case you aren’t sure where these incredible spot is, it is located off of Acklen Avenue near Vanderbilt University and between Natchez Trace and West End. You’re welcome. So, grab a pack of beer or a bottle of your favorite wine, turn on some romantic/calming music (think jazz, R&B, and/or instrumental), cuddle up to each other in the car, and marvel at Nashville’s beautiful skyline. Focus on each other’s breathing, and enjoy just being in each other’s presence. Don’t get into anything too “heavy” – save that for your counseling sessions. Instead, think about the first time you saw your partner – What was he or she wearing? What did you like about him or her, when you first met? Was he or she wearing any perfume or cologne? And, if so, what was it and how did it make you feel? What do you miss most about how your relationship used to be? What could you do differently to recapture your initial feelings for your partner?

Harpeth River & Blue Moon Waterfront Grill
Wow your loved one with dinner and canoeing. I mean, really, what is more romantic than coasting along the picturesque Harpeth River in a rented Tip-A-Canoe. This activity provides you and your honey with just enough time to enjoy the scenery and talk to one another – and, I mean really talk to each other – not around each other and not at each other, but to each other. During this time, get to know each other all over again. Ask each other questions like: What makes you happy? What kinds of things do you like to do? What drives you absolutely crazy? What would you like to do in this life? What are your dreams, fears, hopes, needs, and wants?

Remember, this activity is to help you and your significant other reconnect, so do not bring up topics that you know will spark a fight – not love. Keep it light and fun, and watch the walls come tumbling down. And, once you have finished your relaxing float, grab some grub at the Blue Moon Waterfront Grill on the Cumberland River at the Rock Harbor Marina (River Mile Marker 175). Enjoy the sunset, while gazing at the sparkling blue water, and sampling everything from delicious appetizers to fresh seafood, salads, and wraps – don’t forget the desserts (Try the Key Lime Pie or the mouthwatering Cumberland Mud Chocolate Pie – Yum).

Sky High Sports: The Trampoline Place
Is there a lot of tension in your relationship? If so, why don’t you and your significant other spend some time at Sky High Sports? Why there? Well, because “being active” is a good way to let off steam through sports and not at each other. You feel me? And, Sky High Sports is super cool because it has “After Dark” activity specials like the ability to use the indoor trampoline until midnight. Awesome! And, do you want to know what’s even better than that?! Well, this sport center also offers multi-colored flashing lights (laser shows) and glow-in-the-dark, fast-paced dodgeball games. How cool is that?!!! So, if you want to have a little fun, improve your “teamwork,” problem-solving, and communication skills – take a walk on the wild side with Sky High Sports. Why not? What do you have to lose, but stress?

Nashville Paintball
Feeling kind of “frosty” towards your partner? Yes? Well, why don’t you invite him or her to a “friendly” game of paintball? I bet that idea never even popped in your mind, did it? I know it didn’t. Paintball is not only a way to spend time together doing something really fun and exciting, it is also a way to work off some of the frustration you are feeling in your relationship, without doing something you would most definitely regret later. Remember to keep it friendly. You don’t want to injure each other. It is meant to be a de-stressing activity, not a prison sentence waiting to happen. You feel me? So, suit up and get your paintball gun and conjure up your competitive spirit. After you finish a couple of games of this fast-paced activity you will be too tired to argue about anything.

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Nashville Couples Therapy (video transcript)
This video is going to be helpful for you because I’m hopefully going to answer some questions that will help you make a decision if we are the right therapists for you. In addition, if you’re new in therapy, this is some great information for everybody in understanding what it’s about and also some of the money and more practical sides. We work with individuals and couples.

Couples, when they come in, we create a safe environment where you can get to the bottom of what’s really going on between you two. I find having that third party can really be great for couples. In addition, we teach skills and tools for couples so that they can learn how to treat each other respectfully and with these new skills, hopefully be happy in your lives. The end result of therapy is that you move on, you don’t need to come here anymore, and you’re happy in your lives.Also, something that sets us apart is everybody that I hire is old enough, has enough life experience to back up our skillset. In addition, we are interactive, we give direct feedback. Many of us find that we are a solution-focused style to couples counseling and individual counseling. We will help you develop relationship goals, and this is important because with these goals, you can track how you’re doing in couples counseling, you also know when it’s time to end.Sometimes people come in by themselves, perhaps when you’re dating and you’re wanting to make really good decisions about a life partner, hopefully not make the same mistakes. Sometimes people come in who are in a marriage, they come in by themselves because they want to get really clear about what’s going on, perhaps what they can do themselves to heal the relationship. Of course, we specialize in couples counseling and marriage counseling.

One of the first things you can do is give me a call. I can answer – hopefully – any question you might have. If everything feels good, I’ll have the Nashville, TN therapist call you immediately. During that call, you might tell them a little bit about why you’re coming in, they’ll tell you all the times they’re available, both day and night. Usually we can get you an appointment within 24 to 48 hours.

Something you want to consider: if you have out-of-network coverage through work, we sometimes can get you an invoice where you can get reimbursed. You can verify your out-of-network insurance through your insurance company. In addition, if you have any flex spending or health savings accounts, those are some of the ways people sometimes help pay for therapy.

If you haven’t noticed, I have a lot of articles and videos on this website. What’s great about that is you can really check us out and look at some of the advice that we give. It’s a great way to get to know us. In addition, it’s some information that might be able to help you in your relationship right now.

Of course, if you’d like to take the next step, just give me a call. Thanks.

Nashville therapists have years of experience helping clients address issues and develop “workable” solutions. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process, whereby you share your thoughts and feelings and we listen, explore, ask questions and offer valuable feedback in a safe and trusting environment. The therapeutic process can be a profound learning experience for clients, who need a little extra help resolving their issues. We teach empowerment and self-awareness through a solution-focused therapy approach. Our Nashville therapy offices have licensed professionals, who have not only helped numerous people acquire clarity in their lives, but also helped them create a road-map that leads them to health, happiness, peace and success.

Nashville Individual Counseling (video transcript)
I’m a licensed therapist and I’m the founder of the Relationship Counseling Center in Nashville TN. I’ve created this video to help you make a decision if we are the right therapist for you. I think it’s important to know what kind of approach a therapist has, what you can expect during your first session. Especially if you’re new to therapy, you might want to know how it works. And I’m going to give you some information also about how to pay for therapy.

So, first of all, I want to tell you that everyone in their lives from time to time needs help. We reach a point in our life that we don’t have the answers to some of our problems. It’s completely natural and normal to be in that place, and I just want you to know that. In our culture, I don’t think a lot of us really feel good about reaching out for help and asking for it. Reaching out to a licensed professional can be a very good decision. We have worked with a lot of people on a lot of different issues, and we have a lot of experience that not everyone has. We also have a lot of skills and tools to help you create a roadmap in your life to move forward in really healthy ways. That’s why we call ourselves solution-focused therapists. And, of course, we create those solutions with your help and in your own time.

When you come in to your first session, we’re probably going to ask what’s going on in your life. We’re going to want to know your thoughts, your feelings, and your opinions about your life issue. We’re going to ask a lot of questions. And it’s a very interactive and natural process to have that kind of a dialogue with a therapist, and I think it makes clients feel really comfortable. We’re not just listening, but we’re actively talking with you and exploring what’s going on in your life. And when we explore and ask questions, we’re getting to know you and it helps us figure out how we can help you. I also find that when clients have this kind of a dialogue with a therapist, they have epiphanies. You get to learn more about yourself and have a deeper level of understanding, and that can bring great relief.

A lot of us have family and friends to talk to about our life issues; some of us don’t choose to or don’t have that. In either case, coming to a therapist is a great thing because this is one of those places that it gets to be just about you, and I don’t think that happens enough in our life.

A good choice could be to check out some of the videos and the articles that we have on our website. It’s a great way to get to know the kinds of advice that we give, and you might even find something that might help you now in your current life situation.
The most helpful thing I could recommend, though, is just to pick up the phone and give us a call. First of all, we have friendly receptionists that could answer basic questions. But if you want to talk to the therapist that you would be seeing, you could ask to do so and talk to them on the phone. It’s great because you can get to know their personality, you can tell them a little bit about what’s going on in your life, and it’s just a great way to feel comfortable with the person. And if you feel comfortable, then you can make an appointment with that person as soon as possible.

We are out-of-pocket providers which means you pay out-of-pocket for our services, but a lot of people have what is called out-of-network coverage. And if you have that, you can call your insurance company and verify that you do, and we can give you an invoice that may get you some money back. Sometimes people have an employee benefit, like flex spending, and they use those monies to help pay for their therapy.

I hope all this was helpful, but really, if you want to take the next step, I encourage you to reach out and let us know what we can do to help. Thank you so much.

Individual Therapy – $125 per session
Couples Counseling – $145 per session

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Trying to find good couples counseling can be a daunting task.  Our relationship is important to us so we don’t just want your average run of the mill therapist.  I stumbled onto the Relationship Counseling Center website and found a large selection of videos about relationships issues, many where spot on for our relationship.  I

Gary P. April 5, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, my hubby and I don’t have a perfect marriage, but who does, right? There were/are several issues we needed/need assistance with; one of which was/is a nagging problem for quite some time. We’ve had several sessions with him and every time our sessions ended I felt some breakthrough had occurred, no

Karen B. March 11, 2015

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