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Our Greensboro therapists are solution-focused, offering individual therapy, couple therapy & marriage counseling.

Our Greensboro therapy office creates the ideal environment in which to work on your life issues. We offer a solution focused approach to counseling, assisting our clients in building a roadmap to create a happy life. What sets our Greensboro therapists apart is a down-to-earth approach to individual therapy, marriage counseling or couples counseling.

Perhaps for the first time in their lives, individuals can find a safe place to explore issues and develop a better understanding of their situation. Most people struggle from time to time, weather with depression, anxiety or relationship challenges that keep repeating no matter how hard they try to change them. Our expert therapists can offer perspective and a game plan to make positive changes in their life.

Couples can benefit immensely from couples counseling. Your therapy sessions can be a safe place to talk, without blame or hurtful words, which can lead to healthy communication and deeper understanding. Your therapist will help you create tools and skills that will help you heal, connect, and find a way to be happier with each other.

Our counselors are practical and tools-based, offering direct feedback about your situation. This counseling approach enables us to help you find clarity and help you get back on your feet.

tamara-therapistTamara Reilly, MFT
At the foundation of Tamara’s approach to relationship counseling is her belief that relationships are necessary to live a fulfilled and balanced life. She believes that relationships are healing and life enhancing. People need people and look to others for companionship, to share experiences, celebrate joys and gain support in times of struggle and when you have meaningful relationships you grow, you learn, you develop a sense of acceptance for yourself and become more unconditionally accepting of others. Relationship counseling offers you an opportunity for growth – to be able to enhance meaningful interactions, handle the challenges and more fully enjoy successes within an atmosphere of trust, safety and effective communications.

Tamara’s approach is non judgmental and supportive. She is invested in working collaboratively with each person to understand one’s individual experience, while offering respectful feedback to help you express yourself more effectively, listen more openly and resolve conflicts without attack to reach a resolution that is satisfying. Tamara draws upon her experiences as a seasoned therapist, trained in Gottman Couples Therapy, as well as from her work as a Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapist, trainer and consultant. She is also a PHD candidate and is committed to helping people live richer and more meaningful lives. She provides individual therapy, couples therapy, couples counseling and marriage counseling.

Hello. My name is Sevin Philips. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I’m the founder of our center in Greensboro. I’m doing this video because I want to inform you and answer some questions that I think you might want to know about choosing a therapist, let you know a little bit about who we are and how we work, and give you some vital information also about how to help pay for therapy.

One of the things I want to say is that everyone, from time to time in their life, needs a little extra help. It is completely natural and normal to be stuck in your life and need to look for some answers. Coming to see a licensed professional is a very good idea. It’s a very unique relationship; it’s different than family or friends. We are 100% dedicated to helping you. And we’ve been working with people on a range of issues for many years, and so we have a lot of ideas and understanding about what’s going on in people’s life.

When you come in, most likely, we’re going to get to know your thoughts, your opinions, your feelings about your issue, and really going to take our time in getting to understand what’s going on in your life. Everyone’s unique. And also, we’re probably going to ask a lot of questions. We’re very interactive, and I think people like that. We’re not just listening. We’re active participants in not only understanding you, but helping you develop a deeper understanding of what’s really going on in your life. Through this interactive exchange, people often have epiphanies and insight that they did not have before.

Now, when we get to a certain stage, we are going to help you figure out how to move forward in your life in new and unique ways. We are solution-focused therapists, so ultimately, we want to help you find ways that you feel are accessible in your life to make the kinds of changes that you want to bring more happiness into your life.

One of the things you can do to check us out is to go and watch some of our videos or read some of our articles on our website. It’s very helpful in kind of seeing some of the opinions and the advice that we do give to some people. And also, you can reach out on our phone number and talk to one of our therapists today and see if there’s a good fit for you. There’s no commitment. You can tell your therapist a little bit about why you’re coming in, and if you feel good about them, you can come in as soon as you would like to.

Another thing that you might want to know when it comes to paying for therapy is that we are out-of-pocket, but a lot of people have what’s called out-of-network insurance or some sort of health benefit through work, and we can provide an invoice which can support you getting money back. We specialize in a solution-focused approach to individual counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling and marriage counseling.

I hope this helps. And reach out if you’d like to take the next step. Thank you.

Counseling Specialties

  • Interpersonal Issues
  • Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy
  • Relationship and Intimacy Issues
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Sexual and Emotional Disconnect
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting
  • Fighting and Defensiveness
  • LGBTQ Adults
  • Life & Career Transition
  • Life & Career Transition

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So, I’ve had what I’ll call “classic” issues with therapy. Until about 18 months ago, I thought that I could just deal with whatever I needed to, without help. Yeah. Then, I had a couple of unsuccessful starts with a couple of other therapists; One who really sucked, and one whose style was more along

David F. March 11, 2015

Trying to find good couples counseling can be a daunting task.  Our relationship is important to us so we don’t just want your average run of the mill therapist.  I stumbled onto the Relationship Counseling Center website and found a large selection of videos about relationships issues, many where spot on for our relationship.  I

Gary P. April 5, 2015

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Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy, and Marriage Counseling.


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