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Des Moines Ia

/Des Moines Ia

Our Des Moines therapists are solution-focused, offering individual therapy , couple therapy & marriage counseling.

At our Des Moines therapy office, licensed therapists help people find healthy ways to understand and resolve life issues. We offer therapy services in person or through online counseling for your convenience. Whether through individual therapy, marriage counseling or couples therapy, our professional therapist can help you figure out how to move forward and make healthier life choices.

Individuals often struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression or find themselves in a perpetual cycle of re-experiencing painful life situations. Wanting to understand our experience and learn healthy life strategies is a pursuit worthy of exploration in therapy. With a professional outside point of view, clients often discover the inner resources and develop strategies that can make the difference in their lives.

We have a very effective coaching style to couples counseling that is hands-on and interactive. Through this solution-focused format we can help couples reduce harmful behavior and begin to treat each other with respect and love. With the help of a therapist, couples can begin to stop harming each other, develop a better understanding of their issues and develop the skills and tools necessary to find happiness.

If you are looking for a down-to-earth Des Moines therapist who integrates interactive exchange, direct feedback, and goal-focused therapy, you’ve come to the right place.

Hello, my name is Sevin Philips. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I’m the founder of the Relationship Counseling Center in Des Moines, Ia. I’m going to give you some information that I think will be very important in deciding if we are the right fit for you, and it’s also just good information for everyone, especially if this is your first time doing something like this.

We specialize in relationship issues. We work with couples and individuals. When couples come in, we create a safe environment, we slow things down, we want to help you get to the bottom of what is really going on between you two. This added understanding and clarity often leads to treating each other better. But most importantly, we’re really good at teaching the skills and tools necessary for you guys to treat each other better and have better communication skills. We’ll do it in session with you and we really encourage you also to take those skills home where it matters most.Everyone who works for our center is old enough and has enough life experience to back up their skillset. We’re direct, interactive, we’re down to earth. We’re active participants helping you in your relationship, much like a relationship coach, we are solution-focused.

We’ll help you develop relationship goals and these goals will inform you if you’re moving in the right direction in your counseling. It also lets us all know when it’s time to end therapy because you’ve achieved your goal and that’s what we want as well.

First step is to give me a call. I’ll handle any question you might have. If everything feels good to you, I’ll have the therapist in Des Moines call you immediately so that you can talk to them. It’s a great way to feel comfortable with the person you’re going to be seeing, and it’s also a chance for us to get to know you a little bit. We might ask why you’re coming in. Also, we’re going to let you know all the times that we’re available, both day and night so you can come in. We usually can see you within 24 to 48 hours.

On the practical side, we’re licensed therapists and if you have any out-of-network coverage through work which you can verify your insurance company does cover out-of-network, we can give you an invoice that might get you some reimbursement. Also, if you have any flex spending or health savings accounts, sometimes clients use those monies to pay for it.

If you haven’t noticed, I have a lot of videos on the website. I encourage you to check it out. You’re probably going to find a relationship issue that you can identify with that’s happening in your relationship right now. You could take some of that advice or suggestions and start using them. It’s also a great way to get to know who we are.
Let me know if I can help you. Thank you.

Counseling Specialties

  • Interpersonal Issues
  • Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy
  • Relationship and Intimacy Issues
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Sexual and Emotional Disconnect
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting
  • Fighting and Defensiveness
  • LGBTQ Adults
  • Life & Career Transition
  • Life & Career Transition

Des Moines Therapist Locations

Phone: (515) 650-9530

Video Advice Blog

Undefended Communication in Relationships

Communication where no one needs to be defensive or to be made wrong. Learn the skills for a healthy relationship. […]

8 Principles for Creating a Healthy Relationship – Full Version

By Sevin Philips, MFT 1. Respect is more important than love 2. Checking in about the Relationship 3. Not taking each other for granted 4. Protecting quality time 5. Letting go of the small stuff 6. Making amends, owning your behavior 7. Working on your sex life 8. Actively create a future together Video Transcription Hello, my name is Sevin Philips. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and I’ve been working with couples for many years. During this time, I have found 8 key principles that really help in creating a healthy, long-lasting relationship. If you’re dating or you’re new in a relationship, these principles are excellent for developing a foundation for the relationship you want. And if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, even if you’re having challenges in that relationship, these are the principles to practice together to make it better. The first principle is respect is more important than love. We all know that love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It’s the thing that drew us together in the beginning. But what happens over time is if we’re disrespectful – we’re bickering, we’re defensive, we cut each other off, we start name calling, whatever the disrespect is – we erode our love over time. […]

7 Unhealthy Relationship Patterns to Avoid

East Bay, Berkeley Relationship Counseling Center (Couples Counseling Therapy) Do you keep ending up with people who are not good for you? Yes, it’s true the person you are picking is behaving poorly.  Since we cannot change someone else’s behavior, we must examine our own patterns in picking the wrong person. In doing this, we can begin to conceptualize healthy relationships and hold that as our new standard. Unhealthy Relationships: We mistake love for physical attraction, neediness and the need to rescue or be rescued. (Examine how your desperation effects your perception) We choose emotionally and physically unavailable people in relationships. (Examine your fear of intimacy) We pick people who treat us poorly by being punishing, critical, controlling or demeaning. (Examine your low self-esteem.) We lose interest in our own personal interests and activities and become enmeshed with the one person and their interests.  (Examine your boundaries.) We stay in and return to unhealthy relationships. (Examine your fear of loneliness.) We begin sexual relationships or become emotionally attached without really knowing someone.  (Examine your boundaries.) We fantasize about who we think someone is and then are crushed when they fall short of that fantasy.  (Examine what is reality vs. fantasy) Healthy Relationships: When something is wrong we can talk about it. We encourage each other to be better people. Having separate interests and friends isn’t a threat. We can be vulnerable about feelings with some degree of safety. We can handle difficult situations as a team. We both are dedicated to spending quality time with each other. Trust builds through our growing capacity to be honest with one another. Remember unhealthy patterns are necessary to learn and grow! […]

Communication Skills in a Relationship – New Approach

Sevin Philips MFT offers communication tools that will give you a new approach to sharing and listening in a relationship. Tools- 1. Check your assumptions 2. Be curious about experience 3. Ask before giving advice 4. Sharing formula: Describe behavior then feelings 5. Ask before you launch into sharing something important Communication Skills in a Relationship – New Approach (video transcript) Hello, my name is Sevin Philips, licensed marriage family therapist. I have some communication skills that are absolutely going to help your relationship. These are tried and true. The first topic is that many of us get in trouble when we make assumptions about other people’s experience. We have strong feelings. And it’s okay to have strong feelings about what’s going on or some assumptions or intuition. You might even be right, but to make the assumption that you’re right will get you in more trouble than it’s worth. […]

Communication Skills in a Relationship – Vulnerablility

Advice for Couples Who Are Stuck in Reactionary Fighting Sevin Philips, MFT, offers tools to create emotional safety, the first step toward being able to have meaningful conversations that lead to true healing. The ability to communicate difficult feelings is an art. Hard feelings lead people to blame others and to defend or explain their intentions, leaving the one hurt not feeling understood. Sevin Philips, MFT, walks you through communication skills to help you better understand and ultimately work out your issues. Communication Tool: Listening Exercise Communication Skills in a Relationship – Vulnerability (transcript) Hello, this is Sevin Philips, licensed marriage and family therapist. I’m here to talk about another communication skill that will help you become vulnerable with your partner at the root level of healing, especially the big topics in our lives. We need to be able to talk about the hard subjects in a way that is really effective. One thing that happens is at the root level of almost all fighting – even some of the mundane, small fights that we have – are often linked to deeper issues. Somehow our needs are not being met – whether it’s our need to be loved, our need to be respected, our need to feel connected. Something’s not happening. If we are able to identify it and talk about it with our partners, we’re not going to be able to work it out. What people usually do is act it out. They act it out by being mean or ornery. Perhaps you shut down and you don’t do anything at all. We all learned a lot of skills when we were growing up that don’t always help us. But this skill today I’m going to teach you is really going to help you as a first step to be able to talk. […]

Communication Skills in a Relationship – Emotional Safety

Advice for couples who are stuck in reactionary fighting. Sevin Philips, MFT offers skills to help create emotional safety, which is the first steps to being able to have meaningful conversations that lead to true healing. Communication Tool: Time Outs Communication Skills in a Relationship – Emotional Safety (video transcript) Hello, my name is Sevin Philips. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and I’m here to talk about emotional safety in a relationship. Many relationships get stuck in fighting. It’s not uncommon. But what happens for some is that no matter how hard they try to express themselves, it comes out in a fight. The smallest things can turn into bigger things. You can have this reactionary pattern where defensiveness, blaming, condescending, all these kind of characteristics come alive and you’re no longer having a conversation but you’re really fighting, and you’re hurting each other. […]

Emotional Disconnect in Relationships

Emotional Disconnect in Relationships Feeling disconnected from the person you love can happen in any long-term relationship. Many people claim to feel more like roommates [...]

Coping with Loneliness After the Loss of a Spouse

According to the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale (2016), the loss (death) of a spouse is the most stressful and painful event that a person [...]

Loneliness: The Effects of Being Elderly and Alone

According to University of California: San Francisco (2016), Forty-three percent of older adults feel lonely, although only 18% actually live alone. Loneliness is a mixture [...]

Fun Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

According to the College Foundation of North Carolina (2016), self-confident people are more successful in all areas of their lives. Conversely, the most successful people [...]

User Reviews

Trying to find good couples counseling can be a daunting task.  Our relationship is important to us so we don’t just want your average run of the mill therapist.  I stumbled onto the Relationship Counseling Center website and found a large selection of videos about relationships issues, many where spot on for our relationship.  I

Gary P. April 5, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, my hubby and I don’t have a perfect marriage, but who does, right? There were/are several issues we needed/need assistance with; one of which was/is a nagging problem for quite some time. We’ve had several sessions with him and every time our sessions ended I felt some breakthrough had occurred, no

Karen B. March 11, 2015

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