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Our Chicago therapists are solution-focused, offering individual therapy, couple therapy & marriage counseling.

Our Chicago therapy office has licensed therapists who help people find healthy ways to understand and resolve life issues. Whether through individual counseling, marriage counseling or couples therapy, our Chicago therapists can help you figure out how to move forward and make healthier choices in your life. Individuals will find a safe environment to explore issues and develop a better understanding of their choices and current life challenges. Issues can range from depression, anxiety, relationships challenges, or any life circumstance that is painful and repeating. After developing better clarity of your life issues, your therapist can help you develop skills and strategies that can have a positive effect on your life. Finding a good therapist can really make the difference, together you can find a solution-focused approach to living a happy and fulfilling life. Our Chicago therapists teach relationship skills to couples, whether married or unmarried, slowing things down to help both parties achieve a deeper understanding of each other. It’s important to find a balanced approach to working on a relationship; both parties need to take responsibility for the love, respect and health in their relationship. Your therapists can guide this process and help you develop a strategy that will help you find the happiness and peace you both deserve. We are experts in solution-focused therapy, and all of our therapists are committed to furthering their expertise through ongoing education. We also offer online counseling for your convenience.

ina-therapistIna Beller, LCSW Ina demonstrates compassion and a sense of humor in meeting her clients’ needs. She takes great pride in assessing relationship issues and planning treatment accordingly. Ina works on enhancing joy in relationships and achieving positive communication, and she helps couples increase positive actions toward each other. She also emphasizes action-oriented, solution-driven ideas that assist people in moving along in the process of positive change. She has experience working with addictive and codependent couples. Ina is a licensed clinical social worker and a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers, and she has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has 24 years of experience in the counseling field and has been in private practice for 20 years, counseling couples, individuals, and groups and assisting people in reaching their highest potential. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and has taught as adjunct faculty at several colleges and universities throughout the Chicago area. Ina is a Chicago therapist with advance skills in couples counseling including Level 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy training.

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Chicago Couples therapy Video transcript

Relationships are some of the most important things that will ever happen to us in our lives. We get so much joy out of our good relationships when they’re healthy, and when things break down, they can be very painful and difficult. We help people learn the skills and make different decisions in relationships.

We create an environment for couples to come into to slow things down, have a non-judgmental and non-blaming space where you can understand what is really going on for you two. Sometimes it can feel very mysterious at home. Why do we keep fighting? With this understanding of knowing what’s going on, our therapists can help you make different choices. We can offer skills that you can choose to do at home and make better decisions and hopefully treat each other better. We help people at all stages of relationship. Sometimes people come in when they’re dating and want to make better decisions, and choose better partners moving forward. Sometimes people come in by themselves when they’re in a relationship. It can be very powerful to come in, talk about your relationship, figure out what’s going on for you and the things that you can do to improve on the relationship or get really clear about what a healthy choice is for you in your relationship. Of course we specialize in couples counseling and marriage counseling.

There are a few things that separate us from other therapists. One is we’re very interactive. We give a lot of direct feedback. People really appreciate this. You’re not just coming in and talking about your relationship each and every session. We’re actively helping you discover new ways to have a healthy relationship, giving a lot of feedback.

Our counselors are very goal-directed. You’ll come into our sessions and we’ll help you identify your goals in therapy. What are the things you want to achieve? This is a great way to track your success in therapy. You’ll also know when it’s time to end. Many people find we’re short-term therapists in the sense that we’re very solution-focused. Once you have achieved your goals, it’s time to part ways.

The first step is to give me a call. I’m the first person to talk to. I’ll answer any question I can. Once you’ve done that and I’ve talked about the practical stuff, I’ll have the therapist call you within a short period of time so you can talk to them and tell them a little bit about what’s going on. They’ll tell you all the times they have available. It’s a great way to get to know the person you’re going to be seeing and making a decision if they’re the right person for you.

You may not be aware that a lot of insurance companies cover out-of-network couples counseling. You want to find out if you have it. If you do, your therapist at Relationship Counseling Center can give you an invoice and you may be able to get reimbursed for some of the cost. You may have flex spending or a health savings account through work. If you do, sometimes people can use those monies to pay for it.

I have a lot of videos and articles on the website. Those are there for you. You can go there right now and take a look at all the videos and find something that relates to you. You can get some great suggestions right now that you can apply to your relationship. It’s also a great way to get to know us and the kinds of suggestions that we offer in couples therapy. These are the things we help you.

I hope this has been helpful. If you would like to call me, please do. Thank you so much.

It is important to note that everyone runs into challenges, from time-to-time. It is normal to need extra support when you feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and/or confused. Our Chicago therapists have years of experience helping clients address issues and develop “workable” solutions. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process, whereby you share your thoughts and feelings and we listen, explore, ask questions and offer valuable feedback in a safe and trusting environment. The therapeutic process can be a profound learning experience for clients, who need a little extra help resolving their issues. We teach empowerment and self-awareness through a solution-focused therapy approach. Our Chicago therapy offices have licensed professionals, who have not only helped numerous people acquire clarity in their lives, but also helped them create a road-map that leads them to health, happiness, peace and success.

Chicago Individual Therapy Video Transcript

I’m here to give you some information that I think is going to be very helpful, it’s going to help you decide if we’re the right therapists for you, and also to give you an idea of what to expect in therapy and how we actually help people.

First of all, I want you to know that everyone from time to time in their life runs into issues and challenges that they don’t have the answers for. We all get stuck, and at one point or another, we all need to reach out for help because we don’t have those answers. The point of that is I want you to know it’s healthy to reach out for help and to need help from time to time in your life.

Coming to a licensed psychotherapist can be very helpful because we have a lot of experience. We work with hundreds, if not, thousands of people in our career so far and we’ve helped people build roadmaps to getting out of those stuck places and moving into healthier lives, happier lives. During that process, we’re going to get to know you. So when you come in, what to expect is we’re probably going to ask you why you’re here and really hear your thoughts, your feelings, and your ideas about your life.

It’s a very interactive process though, and I want you to know you’re not going to be alone in that first session and we’re not just going to be listening to you. We’re going to be active participants, asking you really smart questions. It’s our way of getting to know you, which is also our way to eventually find really great solutions to suggest to you, but it’s also great for you because these kinds of questions really deepen your own understanding of what’s going on for you. I find that sometimes with self-awareness, clients can illuminate the issue, and feel better about it, and have really great epiphanies about how to move forward in their lives and even develop more compassion for ourselves about how we got here.

We’re solution-focused therapists, so in addition to understanding you, and getting to know you, and developing trust with one another, we’re also really interested in creating the right kinds of solutions and skills and tools that will help you in your life, and then supporting you in going out into the world and trying those, making adjustments when we need to. Then we support you along that way until you achieve your goal.

Sometimes we have family and friends, and we can reach out to them and talk, and that’s great if you do; some of us don’t have those people. But what’s really unique about this relationship is this is all about you. You don’t have to worry about our feelings or making sure that we’re okay. It’s one of the first places that I’ve ever experienced when I came into my first Chicago psychotherapy session where it just got to be about me. It’s such a unique thing in our lives to really just have it be about us, and it’s a place where it’s safe to do so.

Also, sometimes people want to help pay for their Chicago therapy, and I have a couple recommendations. You might have out-of-network coverage through work, you might have flex spending or health savings accounts. We sometimes can give invoices to help people pay for it.

A great first step is to watch some of the videos on our website, read some of the articles. You might get a really good idea of who we are by the kinds of advice that we give. But the greatest suggestion I can give to you is to pick up the phone and reach out. There is no commitment whatsoever to make an appointment. You can talk to one of our Chicago therapist, and they can direct you to the best office closest to your work and home, and you can talk to that person maybe even right now. Tell them a little bit about why you’re coming in, and it’s just a great way to get to know the person you’re going to be seeing and get a feeling for them. Do you feel comfortable with them on the phone? Do they have a nice personality that makes you feel safe? I want you to feel good about the person you’re seeing. It’s the only thing that I’d want you to do before you make an appointment. If you don’t feel comfortable, that’s completely fine.

Pick up the phone if you’d like, and I hope this video was helpful. Thank you so much.

Who doesn’t love chilly Chicago – well, who doesn’t love Chicago when it is a little bit warmer? Well, Chicago, whether it’s cold or hot, has a magical charm about it that draws you back to it every time. And, it is an especially good place for couples to work on their relationships – especially in the winter. Why? Well, because during that season, the city can get downright frigid, causing you to want to pull your sweetheart closer to you. Why is that a good thing for struggling couples, long-standing couples, or even those newly in love? Well, it means that the need to reconnect with your loved ones become stronger. Just because it is chilly outside, doesn’t mean it has to be chilly in your relationship. It can be repaired – with a lot of love, support, and warmth, of course. And, thankfully, I have just the solution for you! Schedule some time together and explore the city. You may say, “We’ve done that before!” And, maybe you have, but then again maybe it is time for you and your honey to do it again – with fresh eyes. Trust me, it will work wonders for your relationship!

Listed below are some “rockin” suggestions on how to “break the ice” in your relationship, while in Chicago:

McCormick Tribune Ice Rink

Park Grill Café

What better way is there to “get close” than by going to the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink in downtown Chicago? There isn’t one. This ice rink is “couple booster” during all seasons, but it is especially enthralling during the winter season when everyone is chilly and seeking the warmth of someone close. Why is the activity so good for couples wanting to reconnect? Well, because it encourages teamwork. In other words, it causes both people in the relationship to depend on each other for stability and support. It also provides the warmth and companionship most people crave. So, take some time out of your hectic schedule, grab your “boo” and head to the ice rink. And, guess what? It’s free to ice skate, and if you need to borrow some skates its only $10.00. And, what’s even better is that the nearby Park Grill Café offers “adult” hot beverages like a “boozy” hot chocolate, coffee, or tea that can help you warm up after skating, and spark that “loving feeling.”

Superdawg, Southport Lanes & Margie’s Candies


Southport Lanes

Margie’s Candies

So, what is so great about these three places? Well, it is a chance to renew your love for your honey, while having a lot of fun. Yes, FUN! Reconnecting with your beloved doesn’t always have to include candlelight dinners, roses, and champagne, no, sometimes the best way to reconnect with your sweetheart is through an “old-fashioned date.” And, that is where Superdawg, Southport Lanes & Margie’s Candies comes into play. So, start off your evening at the coolest drive-thru around – Superdawg and order one or two of their famous Superburger or Superdawg (hot dog), along with a heaping portion of their Superfries, and wash it down with a large soda or tea that you drink together. And, once you are good and full, mosey on over to Southport Lanes for a little interactive fun! What is so cool about this bowling and billiards entertainment center? Well, it is one of only a few that still uses human pinsetters. I bet you haven’t heard that term in a long time, if ever. Yes, they are a “dying breed,” but you can still find them at this little gem.

So, challenge your honey to a game of pool or bowling, and watch the sparks fly. It will not only get you laughing and talking, it will also provide you with happy memories that will last a lifetime. Lastly, top the night off with a sweet treat from Margie’s Candies. Yum! With all that laughing and talking, you probably are going to need to end the night with something delicious. And, who doesn’t love homemade candy and ice cream? So, order up a hot fudge sundae with two spoons, of course, and indulge to your heart’s desire. I guarantee this will be the best night of your life – individually and together.

The Annoyance

If you are experiencing tension in your relationship, or you just need to de-stress from your busy, chaotic life, why not grab your honey and head to The Annoyance. What is The Annoyance? Well, it is an awesome theater and bar that features a heaping variety of comedy shows, musicals, and plays. How can this place help ease the tension in your relationship? Well, laughing has a way of making things seem “not so bad.” In other words, laughing a little can break the ice, if you and your loved one are having trouble communicating and relaxing. It can help you forget your relationship angst, for a little while at least. It can also “loosen” you both up, so that you can reconnect with one another. In other words, it can be the door that opens up the dialogue in your relationship.


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