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Our Los Angeles, Beverly Hills therapists are solution-focused, offering individual therapy, couple therapy & marriage counseling.

At our Los Angeles therapy office, licensed therapists help people find healthy ways to understand and resolve life issues. We offer therapy services in person or through online counseling for your convenience. Whether through individual therapy, marriage counseling or couples therapy, our professional therapist can help you figure out how to move forward and make healthier life choices. Individuals often struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression or find themselves in a perpetual cycle of re-experiencing painful life situations. Wanting to understand our experience and learn healthy life strategies is a pursuit worthy of exploration in therapy. With a professional outside point of view, clients often discover the inner resources and develop strategies that can make the difference in their lives. We have a very effective coaching style to couples counseling that is hands-on and interactive. Through this solution-focused format we can help couples reduce harmful behavior and begin to treat each other with respect and love. With the help of a therapist, couples can begin to stop harming each other, develop a better understanding of their issues and develop the skills and tools necessary to find happiness. If you are looking for a down-to-earth Los Angeles therapist who integrates interactive exchange, direct feedback, and goal-focused therapy, you’ve come to the right place.
rosetteRosette Schapira, MFT Rosette is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in relationship counseling. Clients immediately feel at ease while working with Rosette. She views the relationship, not either individual, as her client. Her focus is on helping people feel alive and fully inspired while helping couples and families achieve a deep connection from a place of balance, wholeness, and compassion. Rosette believes that satisfying, long lasting relationships are often based on three important variables. * Similar goals and values * Respect * Chemistry Rosette works with the couple in repairing the area that has been damaged. Trained in mediation and conflict resolution, she is able to get to the underlying issue while making sure the couple leaves with a strong base of communication skills to take into the future. Rosette specializes in physical and emotional infidelity. Helping couples express resentments that have built up over time while having a good understanding of the cause, she is able to make the process of healing easier for both parties. laniLani Chin, Psy.D. Lani is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been helping couples by being relational, collaborative and engaged. She believes in not only listening to what couples are discussing in sessions, but also paying attention to the feelings that are being expressed. With this information, she is able to help partners lower reactivity and shift the dynamics that block intimacy and connectedness so that they can engage with each other with more authenticity and empathy. Lani received both a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. She practices in our Westwood office and specializes in relationships and couples work. Her clinical training has emphasized using a strengths based approach to psychotherapy with a focus on multicultural mental health. This means that she emphasizes what is working with couples instead of emphasizing everything that is not working. She has worked directly with members of the LGBTQQI community and people of color. Our LA therapist offers individual, couples counseling, marriage counseling or couples therapy.
Our LA therapy services offer marriage counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling or individual therapy. Individual Therapy – $155 per session Couples Counseling – $185 per session Office Photos Insurance Questions
It is important to note that everyone runs into challenges, from time-to-time. It is normal to need extra support when you feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious and/or confused. Our Beverley Hills therapists have years of experience helping clients address issues and develop “workable” solutions. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process, whereby you share your thoughts and feelings and we listen, explore, ask questions and offer valuable feedback in a safe and trusting environment. The therapeutic process can be a profound learning experience for clients, who need a little extra help resolving their issues. We teach empowerment and self-awareness through a solution-focused therapy approach. Our Beverley Hills therapy offices have licensed professionals, who have not only helped numerous people acquire clarity in their lives, but also helped them create a road-map that leads them to health, happiness, peace and success. Video Transcript (Individual Therapy) Hello. My name is Sevin Philips. I’m a licensed therapist, and I’m the founder of our counseling center in Beverly Hills, Westwood and West Hollywood locations. I’m here to give you some information that I think is going to be very helpful. I want you to make a really good decision for yourself, and also help you understand if we’re the right Los Angeles therapists for you. I’m also going to give some great information, especially if you’re new to therapy and you’ve never done this before, about what to expect and what kind of therapists we are. I’m also going to give some practical information that everyone should know, especially about how to pay for therapy. So, first off, what I want to say is that everyone, and I mean everyone, runs into trouble from time to time in their life and we need to reach out for help; we don’t have the answers. It’s okay not to have the answers. What’s really good is to be able to ask for help when you need it and get the right kind of help. A licensed therapist, we work with hundreds, if not, thousands of people and we have a wealth of experience watching people move through their life to get unstuck and move through in really healthy ways. With this roadmap that we’ve created with all these people, we have a great template and experience to draw from when you come in. We’re going to be able to understand, by getting to know you, what’s going on for you. You can share your thoughts, your feelings, and your ideas about your issue. We’re going to ask questions. We’re very interactive. It’s not just you speaking and us listening. We’re going to intimately get to know you. When we do so, we’re going to be able to find the right kinds of skills and tools to give you. In addition, I feel when people have this kind of a conversation that you get to understand yourself better, you become more self-aware of who you are, why these issues occur, and then you’ll have more ideas about how to move out of it. Much like a life coach, we are active participants, helping you move through. Once we create a roadmap, you can go out into the world and try some of these things, and we can make adjustments where necessary. We’re also solution-focused therapists, so we are very keen on finding solutions to life. A good first step could be to watch some of the articles and the videos that we have on our website. It’s really great information to get to know who we are and the kinds of advice that we give. Also picking up the phone is a good first step. We may even be able to give you directly over to one of our therapists that you would be seeing in your local city, and get to know that person on the phone. No commitment at all. You can tell them a little bit about who you are, talk to them a little bit on the phone, and see if you feel good with that person. I want you to feel good. If you don’t feel good on the phone initially, it’s probably not the right fit for you. Take that first step and at least find out. If you’d like to pay for therapy, here’s a couple of ideas. You may have what is called out-of-network coverage through insurance, and you can check with your insurance company to find out. We can provide an invoice perhaps to give you some money back. Also, you might have something called health savings account or flex spending through work, and sometimes people use those dollars to pay for therapy. Hope this way helpful, and please reach out if we can help you. Thanks. Our Los Angeles therapist specialize in marriage counseling, couples counseling, couples therapy and individual therapy.

Video Transcript (Couples Counseling)
I’m the founder of the Relationship Counseling Center. We have offices throughout Los Angeles including Santa Monica, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, the Glendale area as well as Pasadena. All of our therapists specialize in relationships. We’re here to help you.

Couples can come into a safe place and we can slow things down and help them, without blame and judgment, figure out what is really going on. Once you have better understanding, you can make healthier choices in your relationship. With the tools and suggestions we can provide, we can hopefully help you in your relationship.
We also work with people who are dating and looking for better relationships and maybe making better choices. We also do couple’s therapy and marriage counseling as our specialty of course. We even work with individuals who are in a relationship and want to make positive changes for themselves and for their relationship.All our therapists have enough life experience to know what they’re talking about in addition to being licensed therapists. One thing that really sets us apart is we’re very interactive and direct in the way that we work with our clients. People find it very refreshing. We’re also very goal-directed. We help you figure out what really needs to be worked on and we stick with that goal through therapy. That’s how you know when therapy is ready to end. You have achieved your goal. In that way, many people call us short-term therapists because we’re there to help you with your relationship. That guides us through each session.Initially, when you call me, we’ll talk about some of the basics. I usually have the therapist you’ll be seeing call you. I want them to introduce themselves and it’s a great chance for you to let them know a little bit about why you’re coming in, and of course learn about all the different times that are available so you can come in as soon as possible.

People usually come in on a weekly basis for one therapy hour per week. It’s a 50-minute session. Sometimes couples come in on average about six to eight times to work on a communication issue. Sometimes it’s longer. It really depends on your goals.

I also want to mention that if you have any out-of-network coverage or flex spending through work, we can assist you with an invoice to hopefully get some sort of reimbursement. It’s worth checking out.

Lastly, we have a lot of videos and articles on our website, which are really great. First of all, you can get to know us a little bit and learn about the kinds of suggestions and the way we work with clients. But you can also get some great information that can help you right now. This information is free for you to check out in our articles and videos section. I hope I can help you. If I can, please call me. Thank you! Our Los Angeles therapist specialize in marriage counseling, couples counseling, couples therapy and individual therapy.

Live It Up with Your Love in Los Angeles, California

When you hear someone talk about Los Angeles, I bet it is usually in reference to a Hollywood actress or actor, a musician or band, or a play or athlete? Am I right? And, you probably also think of Disney World when you think of LA. And, yes, all of these things are associated with the City of Angeles, but really, there is so much more to the city than just those superficial highlights. What? Well, it can also be thought of as the “City of Love.” Let’s face it; LA is glamorous and nostalgic, which conjures up feelings of euphoria and excitement. And, truth-be-told, there are tons of things you and your sweetheart can do, while in Los Angeles. Just use your creativity and be open to new experiences, and you and your significant other will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before. You will also learn things about each other that you never knew. So, pay attention to my suggestions, and let’s rekindle the fire in your relationship.

Listed below are amazing tips on how to burn up LA with your love:

Paint & Sip Studio

If you want to unleash your creativity, relax, socialize, and spend time with your sweetheart, why don’t you sign up for a night at the Paint & Sip Studio, LA. And, what’s the best thing about this fabulous art studio? Well, it conjures up feelings of euphoria (happiness), peace, and creativity, of course. Paint & Sip Studio, LA is extremely calming and cozy, which is excellent for diffusing stress and tension in struggling relationships, and bringing those in happy relationships closer together. Win-win! And, we can’t forget that it is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) establishment, so enjoy your favorite wine or beer, sit back, and recreate the featured painting of the night – alongside your sweetheart. After a night painting and sipping, you and your honey will be in a much better place.

Hip Cooks

Hip Cooks East Los Angeles

Hip Cooks West Los Angeles

I bet you didn’t know that a cooking class can actually bring you and your “boo” closer together. Well, it can and it will. How? Well, cooking together helps improve your communication and problem-solving skills. It also teaches you how to compromise. Yes, I said it C-O-M-P-R-O-M-I-S-E. So, regardless of whether you are an expert chef or a novice in the kitchen, this activity will allow you to hone your skills, have fun, and get a little messy. And, one of the things I love most about Hip Cooks is that it is not only a fun and affordable cooking school, it is also romantically themed. And, guess what? It usually comes with a free meal and a lot of booze, which always eases tension and improves moods.

Griffith Observatory

Do you and your significant other need to work on your communication skills? If so, the Griffith Observatory is the best place to make that happen. How can the Observatory help your relationship? Well, once a month it offers a sunset hike guided by a Museum Guide and Park Ranger. The hike usually starts on the West Terrace of the Observatory then continues up the Charlie Turner trail. Once at the trail, hikers continue to the Berlin Forest, just north of the Observatory, before returning to the West Terrace. The trail is approximately a half a mile long, and it usually takes an hour to complete it. Hikers are encouraged to walk at their own paces, and the Museum Guide stops at various points during the hike to explain certain places of interest with the group (i.e. historical places and objects highlighted in the sky).

Once back at the Observatory, hikers can partake in the attractions the place is known for such as: viewing the downtown Los Angeles skyline through telescopes. Why is this good for your relationship? Well, because it encourages communication. It is an excellent way to talk with one another as you hike the trail. It is also a good way to work off the tension in your relationship (walking the trail will burn negative energy). Try to stay away from confrontational issues, and keep it light. The goal is to increase communication, so you don’t want to come across as too aggressive. After the walk, you and your honey will be too exhausted to fight, and over time, and repeated hikes the annoyed/sad/angry moods will lift and you will both realize how much you need one another.

Six Taste

What better way to reconnect with your significant other than through foods – tasty foods, exotic foods, and yummy foods. They say the best way to a person’s heart is through his or her tummy, so maybe it is time you and your honey to start eating. In fact, why don’t you participate in a foodie tour? A foodie tour?! Yes, why not? What does it consist of? Well, it is usually a multi-stop tour that hits 4-6 stops at different locations around the city or state. The featured foods tend to be cultural and come from various ethnic groups. And, guess what? This foodie tour only consists of the most delicious foods around Los Angeles. Lucky duck! A full stomach will not only lead to a happy individual, it will also lead a happy couple.

The Maze Room

Want to work on your problem-solving skills and have a blast at the same time? Yes? Well, why don’t you and your sweetheart check out the Maze Room? Why this activity? Well, it will cause you and your significant other to work together to solve the clues, so you can get out of the maze. It literally forces you and your honey to talk to each other and come up with ideas on how to solve the maze, so you can emerge victorious. So, while in the maze your differences will not matter – in fact the only thing that will matter is “teamwork” and communication, which is needed for all successful unions.

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So, I’ve had what I’ll call “classic” issues with therapy. Until about 18 months ago, I thought that I could just deal with whatever I needed to, without help. Yeah. Then, I had a couple of unsuccessful starts with a couple of other therapists; One who really sucked, and one whose style was more along

David F. March 11, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, my hubby and I don’t have a perfect marriage, but who does, right? There were/are several issues we needed/need assistance with; one of which was/is a nagging problem for quite some time. We’ve had several sessions with him and every time our sessions ended I felt some breakthrough had occurred, no

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