Relationship-Counseling-Center-therapistRCC currently has 53 therapist nationwide who are enjoying extra clients and the economy that brings. If you are looking to add new revenue streams consider joining our network of licensed providers. We have independent contractor relationships with therapists who delivery quality services to Relationship Counseling Center clients. They great part of our network is we contract you to work with our clients in your own private practice office. There is no cost to join our network, we benefit from therapists that are effective and successful in helping our clients.

What we provide:

We pre-screen clients
We pay our therapists well
We only accept out-of-pocket payment
We do not work with insurance companies
We help therapists by filling up your empty session times
We provide a consultation forum for our community of therapists
We provide skills training for our therapists
* We only contract with licensed therapists. We have no capacity for therapist interns or practicum students.

What we want:

High integrity and strong personal and clinical skills
Experience in both couples and individual counseling
Organized and timely reporting
Licensed therapists
Therapists with room for new clients
People who enjoy working with relationship issues
Effective therapy tools and skills

Interview Process “To establish good fit”

1. Phone discussion (Q&A)
2. Web Video chat to get to know each other as clinicians
3. Talk to a therapist who has worked for RCC
4. Start receiving new clients

* Please look at our current locations to see if we market to your city. Click Here

Please call Sevin Philips, MFT directly at (415) 742-2823 or submit message using this form

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